As16k Small Compressor with Electric Motor Air Brush Pump

As16k Small Compressor with Electric Motor Air Brush Pump

Solution identify: Airbrush package
Variety: AS16K

The special
Power: one/8hp
Velocity/min: 50hz 2900 rmp 60hz 1750 rmp
Max strain: 3.5bar, 50 psi
Air movement: 13-15L/min
N. W: two.1KG

Airbrush compressor Kit AS16K.
Our compressor AS16, collectively with airbrush, can be broadly utilised in craftwork spraying, cosmetics, tHangCZPT, hobbies/models, fingernail painting, and general airbrushing.

1. Piston composition Intelligent and applied, and be suitable to cooperate with all type of airbrush. Lovable condition mini air compressor AS16K-one is specially appropriate for cosmetics and airbrush nail.
2. CZPT-safety protection inside It will discharge the force to management the stress in a specified scope A scorching security products within, so the motor will shut down when the temperature over very hot accidentally.
It with the attractiveness sharp and less expensive cost, when you acquire it you can set anywhere and effortless to carry

Technical specs:
Mini air compressor: AS16
Airbrush: HS-thirty (optional)
Air hose: HS-B3 (optional)

Certificate: CE, ETL, CETL


Airbrush make-up

Though the earliest file of this kind of cosmetic software dates back to the 1925 film model of Ben-Hur, now it grow to be far more and a lot more well-known for property use, professional makeup, Facial Treatment and  so on.

Airbrush tattoo

Airbrushes can also be employed to use momentary airbrush tattoos. An artist sprays ink on to the skin through a stencil. Usually, the resulting design mirrors the appear of a everlasting tattoo, CZPT any pain or pain.

Airbrush tHangCZPT
Airbrushes are employed to utilize unique tHangCZPT answers as a sort of sunless tHangCZPT that simulates the appearance of a natural sun tan. It is promoted as a safer and healthier different to the harmful results of prolonged time period publicity to the sunlight. It is often carried out by organizations also providing other solar tHangCZPT choices like sunshine beds.

Finger nail artwork
Airbrushes are also used to use pictures on to human finger nails as properly as artificial ones that are later glued to the person’s real finger nail.

T-shirt airbrushing is well-known-a lot of T-shirt airbrush outlets supply to paint any textile that will hold paint, including jeans, denim jackets, leather attire, pillow instances, and hoodies.
1 well recognized producer of airbrushed apparel is Marc Ecko, who used to airbrush T-shirts when he started out his apparel business.

Airbrushes are frequently utilized by scale modeling fans simply because finer coats can be laid down, as properly as opaque effects, like weathering, adding stains and many others.

Airbrushes are utilised to spray murals, graphics, and other artwork on vehicles, bikes and helmets. This artwork sort has been about since at least the fifties, but much more lately it has observed an enhance in recognition many thanks to this sort of shows as Rides and American Chopper. Most experts favor to use automotive quality bases by way of leading of the line gravity fed airbrushes. The expense to hire a specialist artist will vary from a few hundred to many thousand dollars, depending on location, skill stage and popularity.


As16k Small Compressor with Electric Motor Air Brush Pump