High Efficiency Full Automatic Surgical Medical Face Mask Machine

High Efficiency Full Automatic Surgical Medical Face Mask Machine

Automated Full electric powered Mask Equipment Design AT100


Device description:

This device is a fully automatic generation of folding mask devices, which includes complete-process automation of computerized raw materials shipping and cutting, damaged nose bridge strips, mask edges, welding, folding, ultrasonic fusion, molding and reducing. Is made up of one main unit and one (or two) ear-loop Machines. Soon after the principal entire body equipment outputs the mask entire body, the mask entire body sheet is conveyed to the turning system by the conveyor belt structure, and the mask plate is flipped to the conveyor belt related to the ear tape machine by means of the turning mechanism, and then the mask piece is conveyed to the Above the very first mask plate on the front, and lastly put the mask sheet into the mask plate of the ear-loop Equipment by urgent down by the air cylinder, and then the ear-loop Machine completes the welding of the ear band of the mask, edging, and so on. to complete an ear-loop mask solution Manufacturing. This device adopts PLC, touch display control, one-section motor for major conveyor belt, stepping motor turning, exact transmission, stable management and adjustable pace.

Complete manufacturing line features:

  • Higher stability, minimal failure price, lovely and reliable CZPT rust.
  • Personal computer PLC programming manage, servo drive, large diploma of automation.
  • Photoelectric (optical fiber) detection of uncooked components to stay away from errors and lessen squander.

Mechanical traits:

one. Automatic rigidity control of raw supplies to guarantee balanced uncooked substance tension.

two. Computer program manage, large output, great steadiness and lower failure charge.

three, photoelectric detection of raw supplies to steer clear of errors and reduce waste.

4. It can produce 1 to 4 layers of mask entire body. The duration of the higher plane of the finished solution conveyor belt is 1200MM.

5. The equipment has the perform of complete rely and batch depend. The variety of batch rely can be set arbitrarily.

six. Changing the mildew can create masks of diverse measurements and styles.

seven, the complete device adopts aluminum alloy framework, lovely and robust.

Mechanically adjustable elements:

The folding element can be modified the pattern of the welding stage of the mask human body can be specified or developed by the buyer the mask can be mechanically made with 1-four levels of fabric (the activated carbon material can be included in the center) the welding strength can be modified

CZPT Parameters:

* One particular manufacturing line with two Ear-loop Devices

All round dimensions:6500(L)×3500(W) ×1800(H)MM


Creation efficiency:eighty-a hundred and twenty pcs/min


*1 creation line with one Ear-loop Device

General dimensions:8500(L)×1200(W)×1800(H)m/m


Production efficiency:thirty-50pcs/min

Electrical power:2.7KW




High Efficiency Full Automatic Surgical Medical Face Mask Machine