Slurry Mixer Leaching tank  for Gold Counter Current Decantation Circuit

Slurry Mixer Leaching tank  for Gold Counter Current Decantation Circuit

Slurry Mixer Leaching tank  for Gold Counter Existing Decantation Circuit (CCD Method) 

Doing work Theory
The machine is primarily composed of a round tank and an agitator. The drive system consisting of motor, reducer and support base drives the agitator to rotate. The agitator has the reduced and upper impellers, each with four blades. The blade’s rotation produces sturdy thrust which forces the pulp to circulation from up to down at the centre of the tank. The pulp diffuses along the radial direction at the base of the tank then flows upward along the circular wall of the tank, therefore a shut cycle is fashioned. If the equipment is used as a leaching tank, the leaching agent answer and air are crammed into the tank, and the leaching agent and air are evenly dispersed in the tank to leach gold. If the device is employed as the adsorption tank, activated carbon or other supplies with powerful adsorption potential is place into the tank to adsorb gold dissolved in the resolution.
Normally at minimum six tanks work collectively continually to complete the whole circuit to get better gold as considerably as attainable.

Pulp relocating effortlessly and uniform mixing which brings about significantly less energy usage.
Air is inflated into the middle of the tank and agitated by the blades of the agitator to evenly disperse in the tank which maximizes the utilization of oxygen.
The exclusive agitator composition tends to make the strong content material of the pulp uniform in all positions of the tank to keep away from the particles settling.
CZPTy blade of the agitator is lined with put on-resistant rubber. Lower rotating velocity of the agitator lead to lengthy service daily life and efficiently safeguard activated carbon, so that the lowest dress in of activated carbon avoids gold decline caused by that the gold loaded carbon is broken and enters tailings.
The Multi-point air inflation method increases the utilization price of oxygen and makes oxygen, reagents & minerals to get in touch with each other completely which improves the leaching efficiency and shortens the leaching residence time.
The air inflation program and exclusive high-pressure drinking water devices share a pipeline system. If the tank filled with slurry is stopped for a extended time, the particles will settle normally and pile with each other on the base of the tank. The lower impeller is blocked fully because the top of the particles pile will exceed the top of the lower impeller. The particles all around the impeller can be unfastened by higher-pressure water which tends to make it easy to start the agitator once again.

Software Scope
This agitation tank series is employed for the agitation, leaching and carbon adsorption in the gold cyanide plant with the particle size of -200 meshes a lot more than ninety% and the concentration of significantly less than 45%. It can also be used for mixing, agitation and leaching procedure in industries this sort of as metallurgy, chemical sector and mild business under corresponding situations.

CZPT Parameters
Modest Dimensions

Product Tank Spec. Diameter × Peak
Effective Quantity
Impeller Rotation Pace
Impeller Diameter
Electrical power
LT2.0×2.5 2000×2500 6 fifty two 909 two.2
LT2.5×3.fifteen 2500×3150 13.14 935
LT3.0×3.15 3000×3150 18.ninety three forty three 1130 four
LT3.0×3.5 3000×3500 21
LT3.15×3.55 3150×3550 24 1260
LT3.5×3.5 3500×3500 thirty fifty two 1310 5.5
LT3.55×4. 3550×4000 33.six 43

Medium Size

Product Tank Spec. Diameter × Height
Powerful Volume
Impeller Rotation Velocity
Impeller Diameter
Electrical power
LT4.0×4.five 4000×4500 forty eight 35 1750 7.five
LT4.5×5. 4500×5000 71.57 1750
LT5.0×5.six 5000×5600 ninety eight 31 2046 11
LT5.5×6. 5500×6000 112 2100
LT6.5×7. 6500×7000 195 21 2400 22
LT7.0×7.5 7000×7500 245.4 21 2400 22
LT7.5×8. 7500×8000 268.6 23 2900 22
LT8.0×8.five 8000×8500 342 eighteen.five 3300 30

Massive Dimension

Design Tank Spec. Diameter × Peak
Successful Quantity
Impeller Rotation Velocity
Impeller Diameter
LT8.5×9. 8500×9000 435 eighteen.5 3436 30
LT9.0×9.five 9000×9500 515 14.8 3900 37
LT9.5×10 9500×10000 638 fourteen.8 4000 45
LT10×10.five 10000×10500 705 14.eight 4000 45
LT10.5×11 10500×11000 815 13.two 4400 fifty five
LT11×12 11000×12000 983 13.2 4400 55
LT12×13 12000×13000 1320 twelve 4800 seventy five

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four.  What are the services functions of your company?

  1. CZPTers who whether or not acquire our tools, or entrust us with EPC, or call for us to give a specific provider, cooperate closely with us to carry out certain operations and supervise our implementation through the procedure.
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Slurry Mixer Leaching tank  for Gold Counter Current Decantation Circuit