Slip Ring Motor Manufacturer High Voltage Induction Motor

Slip Ring Motor Manufacturer High Voltage Induction Motor

YRKK sequence motors are slip-encompassing a few-period asynchronous motors, which can enhance the commencing torque at a small starting present.
The YRKK slip ring motor is a box-variety construction, and the foundation is welded by steel plate, which is mild in excess weight and good in rigidity. The closed air/air cooler is installed on the prime of the motor, which is handy for disassembly and assembly, which is beneficial to the upkeep and fix of the motor. The sliding ring protect has an observation window for observing the operation.
YRKK substantial-voltage slip ring motor stator adopts exterior press-in shape structure, the stator winding adopts Course F insulation content, the end has reputable fixing and binding, and many moments of inter-change pulse voltage test and floor endure voltage take a look at are carried out in the producing process, and It adopts advanced overseas vacuum pressure impregnation solventless paint gear and process (VPI) therapy. Consequently, the insulation efficiency of the motor is excellent and dependable, the mechanical toughness is excellent, and the moisture resistance is sturdy.

Centre peak assortment: H355 ~ 1000mm
Power selection: 185kW ~ 5600kW
Number of poles: two/four/six/8/ten/12/16
Rated voltage: 3000V/3300V/6000V/6600V/10000V/11000V
Rated frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
Safety level: IP54 or IP55
Insulation course: F
Perform system: S1 (continuous)
Cooling approach: IC611/IC616
Set up sort: IMB3
Motor link: Y (3 outlet terminals in the junction box, the junction box from the extension of the spindle is situated on the right aspect of the foundation)
Altitude: no far more than 1000m
This type of motor is suited for use in environments the place the ambient air temperature does not exceed 40 ° C and there is no significant dust, the least ambient air temperature is -fifteen ° C, and there is no corrosive and explosive gasoline in the air (which can also be produced into a damp warmth or higher-altitude motor).

YRKK sequence motors are slip-encompassing three-period asynchronous motors, which can boost the commencing torque at a small starting recent. The motor is suited for apps in which the capability of the feeder line is inadequate to commence the squirrel-cage rotor, the commencing time is lengthy, the starting is frequent, and the small-variety velocity regulation is necessary. This sequence of motors has the rewards of high efficiency, vitality preserving, lower noise, minimal vibration, light fat, reputable functionality, handy installation and upkeep.

Packing and shipping:
1. The outer packaging of the merchandise are all regular export-oriented picket plywood packaging.
2, the product packaging is secured by dampness, drinking water plastic delicate packaging
3. For items with particular transportation specifications (this sort of as temperature, fragile, variability, and easy to get wet), the packaging protection actions will be strengthened, and the goal mark will be printed on the package.
four. There are evident signs and symbols on the packing box that have to be compensated interest to throughout transportation and storage (this kind of as situation, moisture, rain, shockproof, lifting position, and so on.).

Main process stream of the motor
Motor stator: casing processing → punching press → iron core seating → coil making → weaving → dipping paint drying
Digital rotor: blank shaft processing → iron main press set up → iron main cast aluminum → rotor string shaft → weave → dipping paint drying → dynamic balance
Motor assembly: stator rotor assembly → device check → motor visual appeal coloring → packaging storage

There are several varieties of motor merchandise made and marketed by our organization. The principal items are large- and minimal-voltage three-stage asynchronous motors. The motor construction varieties consist of squirrel-cage kind and winding type. Between them, large-voltage synchronous motors mainly help air compressors and mine ball mill equipment. use. We adhere to the service tenet of “concentrate on items, service with coronary heart” and supply large-good quality motor merchandise to consumers.

ZCL CZPT Motor Technologies Co., Ltd. is a company mostly engaged in the manufacture, study and growth and sales of motor products. The business has many varieties of motor merchandise, including IEC regular motors. It is a professional IEC motor producer. Connected motor goods have passed the solution certification in China, the United States, Canada, CZPTpe, the Middle East and other regions, and the products are exported to all above the planet. Companies adhere to the “concentrate on items, service” company philosophy, is committed to enhancing the quality of risk-free motor products and providers for consumers around the entire world.


Slip Ring Motor Manufacturer High Voltage Induction Motor