Ysk140 35-4-150-1 Window Air Conditioner Fan Motor

Ysk140 35-4-150-1 Window Air Conditioner Fan Motor

YSK140/35-4-a hundred and fifty-1 Window Air Conditioner Fan Motor 

HangCZPT Changpeng Motor Co., Ltd is a supplier of motors for admirer coil device, air conditioner, air cooler and other HVAC systems , with mature technical tools, pursuit of good quality and services, and integrity very first. Our motors are well acquired at residence and abroad and can satisfy modifying financial and social requirements.

For the future organization relations and widespread accomplishment, we sincerely welcome retailers from all walks of life to pay a visit to our manufacturing facility.


· Made to satisfy manufacturer’s needs for push ventilation models
· Capacitor Incorporated And Mounted On PSC Types
· Automated Reset Thermal Overload Protector
· Ongoing Responsibility,Air Over
· Ball CZPTs Until Famous

CZPT Parameters


(VOLTAGE) Frequency Output Power Rated velocity ROT Cap(μF) Replaces
OEM product
YDK140-120-6A 208-230 60 one/6HP 1075/2 SPD REVERSIBLE five/370 PM31 0571
YDK140-one hundred twenty-6A5 208-230 sixty one/6HP 1075RPM REVERSIBLE 5/370 5KCP39DGS375S
YDK140-a hundred and twenty-6A6 208-230 sixty one/6HP 1075RPM REVERSIBLE 5/370 FSE1016SV1
YDK140-a hundred and twenty-6A7 a hundred and fifteen 60 one/6HP 1075/3 SPD REVERSIBLE 5/370 5KCP39DGP729S
YDK140-a hundred and twenty-6A8 115 60 one/6HP 1075/3 SPD REVERSIBLE 5/370 A.O.SMITH 9647
YDK140-one hundred fifty-6A 208-230 60 1/5HP 1075/two SPD REVERSIBLE 5/370 PM310543
YDK140-150-6A2 220-240 50 one/5HP 900RPM CW-SE 5/370 PM310544
YDK140-185-4A13 220/240 fifty 1/4HP 1050RPM REVERSIBLE ten/370 PM315711
YDK140-185-4A15 208-230 sixty 1/4HP 1625RPM REVERSIBLE five/370 FASCO D783
YDK140-185-4A16 115 60 one/4HP 1625RPM REVERSIBLE five/370 FASCO D782
YDK140-185-6A10 208-230 sixty one/4HP 1075RPM REVERSIBLE 5/370 5KCP39FGM599T
YDK140-185-6A11 208-230 60 1/4HP 1075RPM REVERSIBLE five/370 PM315710
YDK140-185-6A12 460 60 1/4HP 1075RPM REVERSIBLE 5/370 PM315719
YDK140-185-6A3 208-230 sixty one/4HP 1075RPM REVERSIBLE five/370 5KCP39EGP697T
YDK140-185-6A6 208-230 60 1/4HP 1075RPM REVERSIBLE five/370 FASCO D725
YDK140-185-6A7 208-230 60 one/4HP 1075/three SPD REVERSIBLE 7.5/370 FASCO D7909
YDK140-185-6A8 208-230 60 one/4HP 1075RPM REVERSIBLE 5/370 FASCO D904
YDK140-185-6A9 115 60 one/4HP 1075RPM REVERSIBLE 5/370 A.O.SMITH 130
YDK140-245-4A12 220 60 1/3HP 1625/3 SPD REVERSIBLE 5/370 PM310386
YDK140-245-4A13 208-230 sixty 1/3HP 1075RPM REVERSIBLE 5/370 PM310385
YDK140-245-4A14 460 60 one/3HP 1075RPM REVERSIBLE five/370 PM310384
YDK140-245-4A17 208-230 60 1/3HP 1625/three SPD REVERSIBLE 5/370 FASCO D781
YDK140-245-4A18 208-230 60 1/3HP 1625RPM REVERSIBLE 5/370 FASCO D787
YDK140-245-4A19 115 60 one/3HP 1625/three SPD REVERSIBLE 15/370 FASCO D780
YDK140-245-6A10 208-230 sixty one/3HP 1075RPM REVERSIBLE 7.five/370 5KCP39MGG403ET
YDK140-245-6A2 208-230 sixty one/3HP 1075/three SPD REVERSIBLE seven.five/370 FASCO D923
YDK140-245-6A3 208-230 sixty one/3HP 1075RPM REVERSIBLE 7.5/370 FASCO D7908
YDK140-245-6A4 208-230 60 1/3HP 1075RPM REVERSIBLE seven.five/370 5KCP39HGP698T
YDK140-245-6A9 208-230 60 one/3HP 1075/3 SPD REVERSIBLE seven.five/370 A.O.SMITH 132
YDK140-370-6A2 a hundred and fifteen 60 1/2HP 1075 CE-LE 10/370 U26B1
YDK140-375-4A12 208-230 60 1/2HP 1625/3 SPD REVERSIBLE seven.5/370 FASCO D784
YDK140-375-4A13 208-230 sixty one/2HP 1625RPM REVERSIBLE 7.five/370 FASCO D788
YDK140-375-4A14 a hundred and fifteen 60 1/2HP 1625/three SPD REVERSIBLE 15/370 FASCO D777
YDK140-375-4A9 208-230 60 1/2HP 1625/3 SPD REVERSIBLE five/370 PM3157186
YDK140-375-6A 208-230 sixty 1/2HP 1075RPM REVERSIBLE ten/370 5KCP39MGK209T
YDK140-375-6A10 208-230 60 1/2HP 1075RPM REVERSIBLE five/370 PM3

How to Test Your AC Supporter Motor?

To test the enthusiast motor on your air conditioner, you’ll have to do a continuity examination. Simply click listed here for a movie tutorial. Before you commence, make positive the thermostat is established to awesome and that the temperature setting is as low as it will go.

Phase 1. Check out the power

If you suspect the admirer motor is bad, the first thing you need to verify is the energy to the motor and the power to the air conditioning device. Identify the circuit breaker and make sure it has not tripped. If the energy is wonderful, verify to see if there is proper voltage. You can do this at the transformer, checking for a fuse in the low-voltage circuit.

Action two. Check out the windings

Following, examine the windings of the enthusiast motor for an open or a limited. To do this, you will have to measure the ohms. If your supporter motor is a 120V, it will most likely have 4 colored wires (black, blue, crimson, yellow, and so on.), as effectively as a white wire, a black wire, and two brown wires. If you’re working with the wires, do a resistance examine between the white wire and every single of the colored wires. The higher the resistance is, the lower the velocity is, with every coloured wire symbolizing a various speed.

Search for a resistance looking through. A looking through of zero implies the fan motor winding is likely shorted and triggering the breaker to vacation or blow. An infinite looking through, on the other hand, might show an open motor winding. If either of these conditions exists, the fan motor needs to be replaced.

Step 3. Examine the capacitor

Keep in mind that just because the fan motor isn’t running, doesn’t imply it truly is negative. If the electrical power provide is fantastic and the windings are in good form, check the capacitor up coming.

The capacitor helps the enthusiast motor run. Offering torque to the enthusiast motor, if the capacitor is defective, there is not going to be adequate power delivered and the blower wheel, fan belt, and other essential factors can stop to work.

To examine the capacitor, make positive it is discharged. Once it is discharged, use a capacitor tester to check the microfarad studying. The reading need to be within 10 p.c of the rated capacitance on the capacitor. If the reading through does not match the rating, substitute the capacitor.

Product Functions:


Modest vibration

Substantial efficiency

Realistic composition

Nickel plating for shaft

Electrophoretic coating for enclosure

Reduced sound higher top quality rolling bearing

Low temperature rise

About Us:

1.We are a expert motor maker.

2.CZPTy calendar year five hundred,000 to 600,000pcs of electric motor ended up exported to other folks nations.

three.We test the materials just before production and three to four instances when creating to make sure the goods in great good quality,

also we create according to your quirement

4.Greatest production functionality,very best good quality handle,greatest services

five.We can be your OEM company with your authorization of brand.


Ysk140 35-4-150-1 Window Air Conditioner Fan Motor